By Carl Zimmer | February 17, 2008 12:46 am

esterEsther Kieserman writes: “it is the general formula of an Ester functional group (R-COOH-R). it has R and R’ groups to represent the carbons attached to it on either
side. i got it as a “got into grad school” present to myself when i graduated college. i am currently getting my PhD in molecular biology (specifically development) but have a chemistry name so i got this tattoo to represent my love of science.”

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  1. ltp

    The general formula for an ester is R-COO-R (as seen in the picture), not R-COOH-R.

  2. Frank Herzog

    very cool Esther!

  3. Joey Savage

    Awesome! This makes you a total BAMF and really makes me wanna name one of my kids Ester… or maybe Ethyl.


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