Tuning In

By Carl Zimmer | February 19, 2008 9:28 am

Tuning inSkip Arey writes, “I am very devoted to the radio art and decided to show my devotion by way of Body Art. The tattoo is a copy of a schematic diagram of a basic Crystal Radio taken from page 132 of Practical Wireless Telegraphy by Elmer Bucher published in 1921.”

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  1. Razorradio

    Cool tattoo!
    I’ve been a radio fan for years and this symbol is very familliar to me.
    I taught a class where I had people build a similar design. A coil, a diode and a piezo unit for a transducer. My tattoo would have a tapped coil instead of the slider type like you have.

    The most amazing radio I’ve made has a circuit like this, with a razorblade as the detector.

  2. Razorradio

    Amazing tube video Brandy.

    This guy has two books you might find interesting:
    H. P. Friedrichs-“The Voice of the Crystal” he shows how to make radio parts out of junk around the house.

    He also has a book that tells how to make tubes from scratch.


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