Almost Human

By Carl Zimmer | February 20, 2008 1:51 am

almost human
“I thought I would send you mine : Paranthropus (Australopithecus depending on your school of thought) boisei.”–Gabrielle Russo, Hunter Colllege.

Carl: Paranthropus boisei existed from 2.3 million to 1 million years ago–a good run. It stood upright like us, but had a small brain and powerful jaws for biting tough food like seeds and roots. Paranthropus boisei is not our ancestor, not even a close cousin. Instead, it belonged to a separate branch of hominid evolution–one that may have been wiped out by a changing climate. Now it is remembered in museums and on at least one tattooed arm.

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  1. Oryctolagus habilis

    Ms. Russo, where did did you get that fantastic illustration on which to base your tattoo, & who did the work? I’ve long wanted to get a “skull & crossbones”, but of an *extinct* hominid, and this is half of the absolute ideal.


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