Book Tour News–And An Actual Book!

By Carl Zimmer | April 24, 2008 10:09 pm

I recorded a video for my Facebook page about the Microcosm book tour, which I’ve cloned below. Still fine-tuning my video interfaces…how does YouTube embed, compared to


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  1. Way cool. I just finished several courses in biochemistry, proteomics, molecular genetics, and cloning. E. Coli is something I would like to know more about since it is so prevalent and linked with our lives. I will certainly buy Microcosm. I will ask if they intend to have it at the university library. My third favorite subject, Myrmecology is first.

  2. Ade

    Hi Carl,

    I’m excited to see you in LA. Do you happen to know where you will be reading? The Zocalo series seems to jump all over the city.

  3. Looking good, although the preview is a bit muddled…

    Will put the book up in my wish list, who knows, someone may gift me with it 😉

  4. I recently finished “At The Water’s Edge”, and it was awesome. I’ve definitely pre-ordered Microcosm.

    No doubt that a lot of the art on my site will be inspired by quotes from this book, as well.

    Will you be speaking in the Raleigh, NC area anytime soon?


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