Two Become One (Becoming Two)

By Carl Zimmer | April 30, 2008 10:14 pm

Two become
Ashton writes:

“My boyfriend and I wanted tattoos that looked good on their own but had significance when they were joined. It took a long time to find the right design; my doodles went nowhere. Then, in the course of research for the American Museum of Natural History where I’m a staff writer, I saw a picture of a cell during meiosis, and bingo! (visualize a membrane surrounding both sets of chromosomes on our forearms.) We love the way it looks, as well as the way it symbolizes both pulling apart and coming together. And it ended up being the catalyst for a book project about tattoos with a shared meaning (”

Carl: If you forgot your high school biology, here’s an elegant little refresher on meiosis.

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Comments (2)

  1. Lauren

    Absolutely beautiful. And symbolic :)

  2. Maybel

    Why are the chromosomes in the wrong orientation?


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