Quadratic Vertebrae

By Carl Zimmer | May 4, 2008 1:10 pm


“My name is Sharon and I’m an undergraduate math student at Arcadia University. A while ago, I decided that I wanted a tattoo that showed my love for mathematical formulas and equations. I got the quadratic formula on the back of my neck. The quadratic formula has been my favorite equation ever since I learned to sing it to the tune of “pop! goes the weasel.” My tattoo is also useful for anyone who happens to sit behind me on an exam!”

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Comments (7)

  1. harkin

    The quadratic formula is a beautiful thing (extraneous roots notwithstanding). To this day that thing still rattles around in my dome although I’ve not had to use it since a math final long ago.


  2. Computers

    I have used that formula in forever. But all I got to say, if he is still in school, who ever is behind him won’t forget it! But I am sure that guy will. 😉

  3. dano

    i totally have the quadratic equation tattooed to my wrist! as a start to a math and chemistry sleeve! love it!

  4. Doug McLaren

    Personally, if I got an equation tattoo, I’d go for Schrödinger’s equation or perhaps Maxwell’s equations.

    Actually, that would be pretty cool now that I think about it … hmm …

  5. tom

    Why not just tattoo GEEK! to your forehead?!

  6. Tomos

    “Why not just tattoo GEEK! to your forehead?!”
    How is that supposed to help the person behind during exams… duh!

  7. What if you forget it? You should have had it tatooed backwards.


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