Proof That Science Tattoos Do Not Spell Professional Doom!

By Carl Zimmer | May 15, 2008 7:12 am

proof that..Renate writes, “As a geologist and in respect to my temperament, I though a volcano tattoo would be just adequate. I got it at a time when tattoos were not as fashionable as they are now. Someone said to me ‘Oh, with such a tattoo you will never get a permanent position.’ But I have a permanent position now, despite the tattoo (actually the second one).”

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  1. Rachell

    Good to know! I don’t yet have any tattoos, but I’m going into a science field (anthropology) and I’ve often wondered if tattoos have a negative affect on one’s prospects. I never could understand why they should, a tattoo doesn’t affect your ability to be a good scientist!

  2. verisimilidude

    Finally, 134 photos in, a geology (as distinct from paleontology) tattoo.


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