A Trilobite, This Time With Wings

By Carl Zimmer | June 5, 2008 10:26 pm

Glendon writes:

“I am not a scientist, but I am an oil painter and illustrator in awe of science. My work can be seen on the Scienceblog, Of Two Minds as well as the online ‘zine The Eloquent Atheist. My blog is called The Flying Trilobite, and I paint fanciful and surreal images inspired by the discoveries in biology and evolutionary history. Unreal trilobites with insect or bat wings have been a part of my work for over 12 years now and I have painted some of them on pieces of shale, as in this interview with Virginia Hughes. Yesterday I got this tattoo on my arm.”

Carl: Why so many trilobites?

Click here to go to the full Science Tattoo Emporium.

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