Weirdness, Quantum-style

By Carl Zimmer | June 10, 2008 11:07 pm

Brittany writes:

“Someday i hope to be a wacky, flannel-sportin’ physicist. my tattoo is schroedinger’s equation for the wave function of a particle. i chose this equation because its elegance & symmetry reflect that of our multiverse, & also because it describes the fundamental source of “quantum weirdness.” time travel, quantum computers…no matter what happens in my life, there is an infinitely Glorious Plan swirling all about us….I would be honored to be included among the ranks of badass scientists all over the world. oh, & if you have any pull with any preeminent physicists, tell brian greene to return my fan mail! :]”

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Comments (11)

  1. Joe

    so i myself am JUST getting into the actual academic area of studying physics ( i study on my own and have had to grasp the concepts without a teacher haha) and ran across this and just had to say that i thought it was awesome

  2. Mark

    Brittany , this is the BEST Physics tattoo I have ever seen! Thank you, you rock! Tell your artist they did a very nice job.

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you!! i’m so delighted by such positive feedback! schrodinger’s equation is astonishingly beautiful in its simplicity and serves to remind me to constantly wonder at the world we live in. amateur physicists, unite!

  4. Neil

    Hahaha… I just submitted my science tattoo photo, so it should be posted soon. It may look familiar. Great minds think alike, but fools never differ?

  5. Sven G.

    Even though I believe that that the wave/particle duality of particles is a misinterpretation (which is the cornerstone of quantum mechanics), allow me to say that that is one salacious tattoo! Yes, people, brains are sexy.

  6. Ana Sidney

    Your tattoo is awesome, and so are wacky, flannel sportin’ physicists. (I, for one, intend to be a wacky, flannel sportin’ chemist. I could see us getting along. :D)

  7. Lowell

    That is super SEXY on you! It is really cool when girls get into the study of physics. Good luck with your work and don’t let the arrogant little boys push you around.

  8. chris

    im a physicist…and i can say..that is the dumbest thing ive ever seen in my life…

    super pretentious….

  9. Brittany

    Even though you’re a physicist, all I can say is that you’re the dumbest, most judgmental excuse for a human being I’ve ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with in the digital arena. Make like a neutrino & pass right on through.

  10. Don

    “Make like a neutrino & pass right on through.” Good one, Brittany!

  11. Brittany

    Thanks, Don. I cannot understand how physicists, who ought to be the most enlightened folks on the planet given their understanding of the unity of all things in life, can be so heartless & dismissive.

    But I do understand human frailty all too well, being human myself. :]


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