Living Squares

By Carl Zimmer | June 17, 2008 11:30 pm

Living Squares
Jordan writes: “My tattoo is of the ‘glider’ formation from John Conway’s Game of Life. As a History of Science student I love this geometric arrangement and its promise of self-contained (not viral) reproduction, and travel.”Carl: For more on Conway’s primordial artificial life, see here.

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  1. Digital Cosmos

    No tattoo on this blog has made me laugh out loud except this one. I love it! It reminds me of all the hours i spent playing the Life simulation as a teen. That little ‘7’ is my favorite of all the objects that could be created because they would zip around indefinitely until they hit something.

  2. Seth

    That is actually the hacker emblem for exactly the same reason. Gives you a good excuse to learn to program!

  3. snaxalotl

    I’ll second that notion of getting my biggest chuckly thrill at seeing my old friend the glider. So much meaning in so few pixels.

  4. Bob

    Oh my! I’ve never known anyone else had this! The last few years, I’ve been putting together a tattoo idea I hope to be able to afford within the next few months. The glider is going to be prominently displayed : )

  5. Peter

    This is one of my favorites of this whole album- along with the Cajal neuron diagrams and the Schroedinger cat.

    I don’t think it’s funny, though- I think it’s badass! I have a glider t-shirt and every person who has recognized it I have instantly recognized as cool 😉


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