The Loom Ends. The Loom Lives!

By Carl Zimmer | June 30, 2008 5:00 pm

I have some news for readers of the Loom. For the third time in this blog’s life, I’m packing it up and moving it to a new home.

I would like offer my deepest thanks to Scienceblogs for hosting the Loom for two years. I got to know a great community of bloggers whom I will continue to follow closely as they flood my RSS stream. Virginia Hughes, Katherine Sharpe, Tim Murtaugh, and the rest of the folks behind the scenes at Scienceblogs have always been quick to solve my tech problems while never trying to control my editorial content.

I’m moving the Loom because I’m starting a new incarnation as a columnist for Discover. Each month I’ll be writing a column about the science at the intersection of brain and mind. Along with my column, I’ll be joining some other excellent bloggers on Discover’s web site. The new incarnation of the Loom will still contain its four-year archive of everything you’ve read before, and I will continue to blog the same disheveled mix of natural history, parasitic lore, evolutionary biology, and whatever else I find intriguing at the moment.

So goodbye, and hello.


Comments (9)

  1. Congratulations on the move.


  2. hardindr

    What is the rss feed for this new blog?

  3. Annoyed

    Carl – you probably should have checked with Phil before you decided to blow his announcement with your post. It seems he’s having more tech problems with his move and wasn’t ready to make the announcement yet.

  4. Annoyed

    How about you just take the line that mentions Phil out of our post?

  5. Annoyed

    I was referring to your last post on scienceblogs, not here at Discover.

  6. Thanks for all your great writing, and I’ll be following the new incarnation of The Loom. And maybe I’ll even poke around Discover a bit. Hmmm…what happens when I click on this environment link…

  7. William
  8. Nice move. Plans on when to hold a blog-warming party? :-)

  9. Congrats on the new gig.


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