Never Forget Your Inner Mathematician

By Carl Zimmer | July 2, 2008 9:31 am


Robert writes:

Hi Carl,

I like your blog. It inspired me in some way to do the tattoo that I’ve been thinking of for several years :-)

Here’s an explanation:

I have several reasons for choosing a sigma. The simple reason is that I think sigma is really beautiful, especially when using this LaTeX font :-) The tattoo also represents my love of mathematics in general, and of the beauty of abstract patterns in particular.

I’m studying the fourth year on the clinical psychologist programme and didn’t want to forget my roots. Mathematics and computer science has shaped my thinking a lot, in a way that’s very functional for me these days. I’m very proud of being a mathematician among the psychologists, or maybe a psychologist among the mathematicians, and I wanted to show this. That’s why I made the tattoo.

Click here to go to the full Science Tattoo Emporium.

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