Year of Science: Cycles Within Cycles

By Carl Zimmer | January 2, 2009 10:38 pm

Well, it’s 2009, and my first blog post over at the Year of Science web site is up. I explain why I think this is such a cool image.

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  1. RBH

    Sir, the link from that blog post to the Understanding Science site is bad. It’s fine from here, but over there it’s a different linked URL,, and that leads nowhere.

  2. BrisaLuna

    Just edit out the , from the link

  3. Nice image, good site! I know a number of people I have chatted with really need to understand more basic science methodology!


  4. Allen

    Hooray for the Year of Science and the new Understanding Science website.
    And a big thanks to Carl for kicking off the year with his prose, clear and spot on as always.

    I hope the flowchart catches on. It’s a touch daunting, but it is so much more accurate in its portrayal of how and why science gets done.


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