In Vino Veritas [Tattoo]

By Carl Zimmer | January 16, 2009 1:11 pm

resveratrol.jpgNico writes: “Attached is my ‘science’ tattoo: the molecule resveratrol.  found in red wine, I wrote my dissertation on its potential biochemical attributes as a metastatic breast cancer preventative.  Then I got out of research to learn how to make wine. That’s what I do now. I think it’s better to make wine than study it.”

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  1. In Vino Veritas [Tattoo] | MamentoMori | January 16, 2009
  1. Very cool tatoo. Resveratrol is the real deal.

  2. You are very brave…


  3. I, for once, prefer to drink it than to make it…

  4. Since the Harvard resveratrol study on aging by Dr. Sinclair was published in the journal Nature a flood of dubious companies have sprung up selling resveratrol. Many have no scientist, no labs, no quality control and no experience. Dr. Oz recommends Biotivia Bioforte and Transmax. Consumer Lab, an independent testing authority, evaluated the major brands and found many lacking in content and quality. The highest potency products that passed their evaluation were Biotivia, Transmax and Bioforte. A product by Life Extension Co. failed badly with only 26% of the claimed resveratrol. Another brand, Revatrol, had virtually no trans-resveratrol in its supplement. Revgenitics refused to provide samples for testing. The ConsumerLab test results are available on their web site.

  5. Mr. Zimmer,

    Where have you been all my life??? I LOVE the science tattoo emporium. I’ve always been stuck between two worlds, that of the “geeks” and the “freaks”. I am an undergrad student of the pharmaceutical sciences and also have an A.S. in biotechnology. I am a rather rare specimen, though, because about a quarter of my body is covered in tattoos, albeit hidden from plain sight… I wish things were different. I don’t have any nerdy science tattoos yet, but I’m gathering the money and ideas to get one (or two…). Thanks for having such a great segment on your blog; it makes me feel that maybe one day tattoos will be more readily acceptable amongst the stiffs in the science community (sorry guys, I love you anyway!). Keep them rolling… I will certainly feature some cool science tattoos if I can on my own science blog.

    Extrovert Scientist

  6. Very interesting Nico, you sir are a brave man! Funny how you went from studying it, to making it. Neat story!

  7. “I think it’s better to make wine than study it.” Smart! It’s probably more fun too…

  8. Sorry to burst the bubble, but this is much more of a “pseudoscience tattoo”…
    Resveratrol has had no clinical efficacy trials of any substance or relevance. The only positive studies are preclinical animal models with unimpressive results which fail to be replicated, and have no promise of translational human clinical effect.
    This product is just the latest snake oil that is unfairly marketed with the tiniest shred of biologic plausibility, yet no clinical data. I am certain it will continue to sell… until the next scam comes along.
    Tat looks cool, though… just tell folks it is about wine compounds and skip the nonsense!

  9. Stephen

    Red wine contains very little resveratrol, and its effects in humans are minimal.

  10. LOL. Cool tatoo :) ” I think it’s better to make wine than study it” – I support


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