The Beeb and Darwin (and me)

By Carl Zimmer | January 16, 2009 2:22 am

focus-cover440.jpgThe BBC has launched a pair of spiffy new magazines about science–BBC Focus in the UK, and BBC Knowledge in the US. They’re running a special package of articles in honor of Darwin’s 200th birthday, which includes stuff from Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, and me. They asked me to pay a visit to the lab of Richard Lenski, whose work documenting evolution in action I’ve written about on the Loom and in my book Microcosm. You can read about their work in what the BBC is calling a “digi-magazine” if you go here. (It requires Flash to see, and for some reason I can only see it on my Mac if I use Safari.)

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Comments (5)

  1. I actually read this right before I saw you post it.

    Don’t tell Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers that I said this, but your contribution was the best of them all. I loved it.

  2. Arnold Mousetrouser

    Comment on the intro to the Darwin 200 presentation: the BBC has hired a writer with a cloth ear for prose on such an important occasion: “for not only Man, but every living thing . . . ” he or she writes. Ugly stuff. The flow is blocked and the sentence withers. Should read “not only for Man, but for every living thing . . . . etc etc” “Man” is also a bit of a worry. All that evolution, to end in this? AM

  3. Scott Belyea

    Ah, the BBC! Some of the most frustrating and silly attempts to show a magazine on the screen while navigating and getting the body text big enough to read.

    I’m sure your article is well worth reading. I’ll try again when my annoyance level has died down ..


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