Math's Hidden Beauty [Tattoo]

By Carl Zimmer | January 17, 2009 1:17 pm

uv-tattoo.jpgNicholas writes: “I found your tattoo emporium a while ago and found it so fascinating I wanted one for myself. I wanted to get a UV tattoo for the ability to conceal and the added effect with the black light, of course. I find Euler’s formula to be one of the most magnificent discoveries in mathematics and I wanted to use it in my tattoo. I came up with e^(i pi/2) because its just i. I thought it a great idea then to get an invisible tattoo as the number i.”

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Comments (5)

  1. Michelle

    Wow. That’s uncomfortably close to my tattoo. I have e^(i*pi) because my mother always referred to me as the “negative one.”

    Still, I like the invisible i!

  2. Owlmirror

    (HTML geekery)(which I am not sure will entirely work)



    Pity there’s no π/2 entity.


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