Hate the Science Writing, Not the Science

By Carl Zimmer | January 20, 2009 10:12 am

3quarkdaily just picked up my little rant about an awful piece of science writing. They accompanied their post with a picture of the scientist profiled in the article, Hina Chaudhry. That juxtaposition made me a bit queasy–let me just make clear that I was not criticizing Dr. Chaudhry, just the article about her. Dr. Chaudhry is doing what scientists should: running experiments and getting her results published in peer-reviewed journals. Here’s a free link to a 2007 paper of hers on regenerating heart tissue. It’s up to us science writers in turn to find a better way to describe a scientist than as a “a pretty lady.”


Comments (3)

  1. Jumblepudding

    This article honestly reminded me of the way the futuristic news anchors spoke in the movie Idiocracy. Bizarre, bizarre writing.

  2. Jumblepudding

    the article referenced, that is

  3. Yes, thank you. That article was so painful to read. It’s really a shame because Chaudhry’s research sounds interesting and innovative.


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