Two Cultures Come Together In May

By Carl Zimmer | March 17, 2009 11:45 pm

Chris Mooney has invited me to participate in an intriguing conference in New York in May called “The Two Cultures.” From the meeting website:

In 1959 the prominent British scientist and novelist C.P. Snow gave a pivotal lecture before a crowd of his colleagues in Cambridge. The lecture focused on what he saw as a serious divide between the sciences and the humanities. As a researcher and creative writer he had a unique perspective on the problem and its impact on society at large. Now, 50 years after that famous lecture, Science & the City is gathering together a wide array of experts to discuss whether or not the divide still exists and how it affects contemporary society. This full-day symposium will feature keynotes by E.O. Wilson, Dean Kamen, and former Congressman John Edward Porter, as well as panel discussions on politics, education, and the history surrounding the two cultures debate.

As a former English major who felt very alone in physics classes in college, I think I’ll be in my element.

For more details, here’s the meeting web site.


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