Reminder: "What Is Life?" on Sunday in Tulsa (Blizzards Allowing)

By Carl Zimmer | March 27, 2009 9:27 pm

ERV informs me there’s some snow between me and my delivery of this year’s John Wesley Powell Memorial Lecture on Sunday in Oklahoma (details here). But if Powell could paddle down the Grand Canyon one-handed, the least I can do is hang out in airports a few extra hours. I look forward to seeing any Loom readers around Tulsa.


Comments (6)

  1. 220mya

    Your post is directly in the spirit of the student-adopted motto for my cohort back when I took Field Methods as a geology undergrad: WWJWPD – “What Would John Wesley Powell Do?

  2. Charlton

    Carl, you have to make it to TU because I’m taking a date and I’m trying to impress her :-) Oh, I would also like to hear you speak in person. It would be quite the cherry topping for my already gluttenous education sundae that is the TU School of Nursing.

  3. ERV

    I expect a Twitter telling us when youve safely landed. *worried furrowed eyebrows* [/mom]

    The bright side: Itll be sunny and 60 degrees tomorrow! lol!

  4. Blizzards delayed me in O’Hare, but I’m about to climb aboard the Tulsa-bound plane. I imagine Powell would have already canoed down to Oklahoma by now.

  5. ERV


    Well, we barely got anything in OKC. Im sure Tulsa is fine :)

  6. Ckbep

    We got about 6″ of snow here in T-Town and there’s a freeze warning out for tonight, but it’s supposed to be up to 52 degrees tomorrow. It just wouldn’t be spring in Oklahoma without a snowstorm!


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