More on Global Warming and Habitat Destruction

By Carl Zimmer | April 27, 2009 9:32 am

Last week I wrote about a piece in Slate in which Brendan Borrell argued that concerns over the threat to biodiversity from global warming is overshadowing the bigger threat from habitat destruction. Brendan is back from a trip to South Africa and has left a lengthy–and well-considered–comment below. Definitely check it out. I still have some problems with his argument, but it’s so much more satisfying to discuss these issues with somebody who takes the scientific research seriously than someone who just wants to quote-mine.


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  1. Great discussion.

    Those of us who’re contending with giant industrial solar proposals in undeveloped desert wilderness (see my website link for some discussion) are in fact seeing environmentalists dismiss biodiversity protection in favor of working to stabilize climate. It’s rather disheartening, and Brendan’s Slate piece, whatever its flaws may have been, was a salutary antidote to some of the “bighorn sheep and desert tortoises have to take one for the team” rhetoric we’ve been hearing from the larger mainstream environmental groups.


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