The Guardian of the Genome [Science Tattoo]

By Carl Zimmer | June 7, 2009 11:52 pm

p53-goodflip440.jpgJacylnn, a medical student, writes: “If you assign a certain color to each base, this double helix tattoo represents the first 45 nucleic acids from the first exon of p53.  p53 is a transcription factor known as the “guardian of the genome.” It sends damaged cells into apoptosis and thus helps prevent cancer.  I studied p53 and other targets of the SV40 tumor virus while working on a molecular biology degree at The University of Pittsburgh.  I’m now a medical student at Nova Southeastern University.  My husband, who is much more right-brained than I am, designed the tattoo for me.”

[Update: Thanks to eagle-eyed readers who realized that the original photo was backwards. Fortunately, the error was photographic and not a matter for laser tattoo removal.]

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  1. Another Kevin

    Another one for your collection of images of left-handed DNA?

  2. Noah

    Another Kevin beat me to it. Unless this is a mirror-image, that is not Earth DNA!

  3. Interesting tattoo – that could potentially fall into the category of “regrettable” a few years down the line, though.

  4. Gaythia

    The wearer views this tatoo through a mirror.

  5. I noticed the orientation of the bases before I recognized the handedness error. The base-pair “rungs” should be horizontal, not vertical!

  6. Jaclynn

    I’ve had it for 5 years, haven’t regretted it yet! :)

    It’s the mirror image – but you guys are very astute

  7. Alex

    Calm down guys! It’s a very cool artistic interpretation. I assume it was not intended as a reference diagram. After all, I don’t see five carbon sugars and the turns are quite 3.4nm. Oh wait, it’s just a tattoo!

  8. Thanks everyone. I’ve flipped the picture.

  9. Dev

    Too bad this chick is married!

  10. Another Kevin

    To biology mavens who’re bright
    The first pic was a very strange sight!
    The DNA spiral
    Is known to be chiral
    And usually twists to the right.

  11. Cool tattoo, love it! I’m not the tattoo kinda chick, but I want to get molecule shaped jewelry (like from molecular muse, I wrote a post on it recently) to display my love for biochem – you gotta do it somewhere!

    Another Kevin – like the limmerick :)

  12. Xeis

    what sequence did you use?


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