It's up. No, it's down. It's up again. No, it's really down.

By Carl Zimmer | August 24, 2009 5:31 pm

Just a technical note, with shades of exasperation: After my web site got hacked earlier a couple months back, I changed ISP’s and spent a lot of time bringing it up to date. Now I’ve discovered that it’s not working again, because of some mysterious error. I’m getting help with it, but it may take a few days for everything to get back in place.


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  1. Christina Viering

    Bummer. Hope you get it back!

  2. David B. Benson

    Carl Zimmer — Think of it as variation with un-natural selection. :-)

  3. Armen Mulkidjanian

    Dear Carl,

    after reading your recent essay for Science, I have realized that two our papers that are now freely accessible via the web page of Biology Direct (Editors-in-Chief: Eugene V Koonin, Laura F Landweber, and David J Lipman) might be of some interest for you:
    (On the origin of life in the Zinc world: 1. Photosynthesizing, porous
    edifices built of hydrothermally precipitated zinc sulfide as cradles of
    life on Earth)
    (On the origin of life in the Zinc world. 2. Validation of the hypothesis
    on the photosynthesizing zinc sulfide edifices as cradles of life on

    With best regards

    Armen Mulkidjanian
    University of Osnabrueck,

  4. Carl,

    I absoluotly….. tell u what, I’ll start again.

    I absolutely hope ur site gets back up!



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