Microcosm In Glass

By Carl Zimmer | September 3, 2009 4:32 pm

glassecoli.jpgHaving written a book about E. coli has made me a keen aficionado of E. coli ties and E. coli plush toys. But a glass sculpture of E. coli? Now that’s classy.

This beautiful piece of sculpture is the work of the artist Luke Jerram. Check out his web site for his entire Glass Microbiology project. Swine flu never looked so good.

(Hat tip to Stan Carey)

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Comments (12)

  1. Kitty'sBitch

    Holy cow!
    Those are too awesome for the word awesome to adequately describe.

  2. That…looks…REALLY…painful.
    No wonder it gets everybody sick.

  3. David B. Benson
  4. Stunning. Thanks for the hat tip :)
    I’m hoping to get a set of molecular jewelry for my birthday. (Hope that html worked!)

  5. caritz

    Thanks for this – utterly amazing and beautiful as well. Great stuff.

  6. Glad you liked them, Carl! It took me ages to draw my eyes away. Painstaking work, but what wonderful results.

  7. AdamK
  8. They’re fabulous, but not a patch on the delicacy and detail of the microbiology glass models produced by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka in the 19th Century. I assume that Luke Jerram was inspired by the radiolarians produced by the Dresden-based lampworkers over a hundred years ago.

  9. Beenish Siddiqi

    being a microbiologist and a molecular scientist, i already praise the Almighty for His creations.n no doubt the “E.coli craze” in science is now expanding… almost ever lab uses it as their horses…n see, it has left us to make a sculpture of it… simply wow..

  10. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    Wow! I love glass and biology both.

    Well, mostly clear glass to be exact, so I’ll take Jerram’s elegance over the Blaschka’s delicacy any day. So sorry PaoloV, but thanks for the info and photo anyway.


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