CMP For Short [Science Tattoo]

By Carl Zimmer | September 27, 2009 4:26 pm

serotonin-cmp-crop-440Chrissy writes, “My science is microbiology, and my tattoo is serotonin with CMP, which happen to be my initials.”

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Comments (4)

  1. If you get a tattoo make sure it is correct; it’s like the guy who got a tattoo of DNA put on his arm, but it was left-handed!!! instead of right.

  2. Dov

    I have many (about 30 or so) physics, math, and chemistry equation tattoos on my body and some are wrong but I like them for the aesthetics so I don’t care that they are “misspelled”. I think it’s funny:) I am a physics major and like the meanings of the formulas but them being tattooed wrong on my body does not change their meaning so who cares what they look like on my skin…

  3. Dov

    PS. I keep trying to email photos of my tattoos to Carl Zimmer but my emails keep coming back with errors so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.


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