The Loom and the Rest of Discover Go Mobile

By Carl Zimmer | October 21, 2009 2:01 pm

Take the Loom with you. Discover has now set up a mobile version of the entire site, including this blog. It looks good on my Itouch, I have to say, but judge for yourself. And let us know if you find any bugs in need of fixing.


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  1. Chris Moran

    It’d be nice if they would create icons so we can add the page to our Home screen on Iphones with a pretty icon…

  2. Very nice. It renders quite well on my Android phone.

  3. I agree, Chris—an icon would be ideal. But it does look good!

  4. johnk

    I can’t find the mobile site. Where is it?

  5. johnk

    sorry about the above. I was automatically redirected on my iphone. looks good.


  6. Amos Zeeberg (Discover Web Editor)

    @Chris and @Krystal: We installed a new icon so the mobile site looks all nice on the iPhone/iTouch home screen. Hope you like.


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