Ten Evolution Picks For Nova

By Carl Zimmer | October 26, 2009 4:24 pm

NOVA | About this Beta_1256588182136NOVA isn’t just a great television series; it’s also a formidable web site. (And, as with so many things media these days, it’s hard to draw the line between the two.)

They’ve just launched an evolution-rich site, with information on their evolution-related shows and lots of other goodies. (As you can see, it’s still beta.)

As part of the unveiling, NOVA asked me if I’d pick ten of the most important developments in evolutionary biology over the past decade. I came up with a far-from-exhaustive list. Check it out.


Comments (4)

  1. Mark

    Very good list. That’s a great website as well. No mention of epigenetics?

  2. JZ

    Nice – but I’d second the epigenetics thing too. NOVA showed a brilliant show on it a few years ago – Ghost in the Genes or something like that.

  3. T.J. Neubig

    It should be mandatory that all public school childern watch this series.
    Even if they are Creationists

  4. I really like your ten evolution picks. I also like the way you’ve tied them to Darwin. He seems more and more brilliant to have sensed and predicted what we are now finding. I especially like the part about tetrapod evolution. Blogged about it myself October 21-26. It’s great when we biologists have really good hypotheses about how something evolved and then a fossil like Ardi (for bipedal locomotion in humans) or Tiktaalik (for four-legged locomotion) comes along and we are amazed at how wrong we were.


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