Tangled Bank News: An Excerpt and More

By Carl Zimmer | November 6, 2009 12:38 pm

The Tangled Bank is now officially out; I’m getting word back from readers that it’s actually showing up from Amazon. If you’re curious about it, here are a couple ways to find out more.

1. I’ve set up pages on my web site where you can download the introduction, look at some of Carl Buell’s artwork for the book, read reviews, and get contact information if you’re a teacher interested in a desk copy.

2. The New York Academy of Sciences has published an excerpt in the new issue of their magazine. It’s about the evolution of the eye, and you can read it online here.

3. Discover has another excerpt, about coevolution, in their November issue. The print issue is out now, and it should be posted online some time soon.


Comments (10)

  1. Erik

    Why no Kindle version?

    [Carl: Kindle can’t reproduce detailed color diagrams. Maybe someday that will change, but for now, old-fashioned paper book technology rules.]

  2. Amazon shipped mine on Wednesday. My current reading list is HUGE, and I’m torn between rushing on it now so I can better appreciate your talk at DMNS next month, vs saving it until afterward and letting the talk whet my appetite.

  3. Dave C

    Welcome to the top of my Christmas wish list! :)

  4. NewEnglandBob

    I sent an email to my three adult children with a link to Amazon that tells them that I would appreciate them chipping in and buying me “The Tangled Bank” for the upcoming holiday period.

    My reading list is also large but this book goes at/near the top.

  5. I received my copy from Amazon about a week ago and am about a quarter of the way through it. Great illustrations and figures. Hope you can sign it when you come to Denver next month.

  6. minusRusty

    Oroboros, I’ve been reading mine (don’t tell Carl, though!), and I think it’s well done. (Don’t tell Carl, though!) I guess we’ll have to hunt each other down at DMNS, eh? w00t! Maybe go out for a drink afterward or something and talk about it. (Maybe even invite Carl. Hmmmm. Does Carl even drink?)

    Oh, Carl, by the way, you’ve got a typo. “adaptive radiaition” twice in Figure 10.5 (D), page 217. Thought you’d like to know. Can I get a corrected re-print, please? :-)


  7. On the subject of corrections – I think the “About The Loom” box on this page is out of date now and needs to be updated as it says Microcosm is Carl’s latest book.

    I’d be up for a drink Rusty (we are talking about yeast feces right?). I won’t be surprised if there’s a reception afterward and Carl’s time is already spoken for meeting patrons of the museum. But I have a friend coming who introduced me years ago to homebrewing and the concept of beer as yeast sh*t. He’s always up for beer and conversation. :)

  8. minusRusty

    @ Oroboros: those danged patrons… Aren’t we patrons? Don’t we go there every once in a while, too?

    Yah, beer vould be goot. If you want to touch base, tag me at comcast.net (that would be “minusRusty”).


  9. Gerdien

    I got The Tangled Bank already last week of October (having pre-ordered it). It is MUCH better than The Greatest Show on Earth, and even better than Why Evolution is True. Of course this is because it is written as a real biology book. Fortunately no preoccupation with creationists. After all, creationists will not listen anyway (certainly not to Dawkins) and the non-creationists need facts.

  10. Anon

    Here’s a link to Carl’s talk at the New York Academy of Sciences: http://ne.edgecastcdn.net/000210/podcasts/090409zimmer.mp3


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