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By Carl Zimmer | November 10, 2009 10:00 am

The winners of this year’s AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award have just been announced. I’m honored to be the winner for large newspapers. (I submitted some of my articles over the past year in The New York Times.)

The whole enterprise of handing out awards for science journalism is fraught with gloomy undertones these days, of course. Last year’s newspaper winners actually lost their jobs by the time the awards were announced. But even as we struggle on, it’s reassuring that there are chances to get some recognition for striving to do our best, to make as much sense of the world as we can manage in plain English. And I’m particularly grateful that the folks at the New York Times indulges me in my curiosity about basic questions about the nature of life–like why fireflies flash.


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  1. Congratulations, you definitely deserve it!

  2. Michael Tobis


    For what it is worth I agree with the award. You are indeed among the best at this difficult and important work. Many thanks for your efforts!

  3. Congratulations Carl, this is well deserved! Keep up the good, high-quality work in a difficult publishing environment


  4. Yes, yes! Well deserved indeed!

  5. Oliver

    Well done Carl! You’re my favourite science journalist, and richly deserve this honour.

  6. Mark


  7. Congratulations and then some.

  8. David Fishman

    Great news Carl, congrats. On to the Pulitzer’s….

  9. minusRusty

    Congratulations, Carl! You’ve earned it!


  10. Jim Hathaway

    Congratulations & well, well-deserved!

  11. Ezzthetic

    Just finished “Soul Made Flesh”. An utterly brilliant read.

  12. I wish there was an original way to say “Congratulations!” and “Well deserved!” But there isn’t, so I’ll just say them plain.


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