Details on My Writing Class This Fall At Yale

By Carl Zimmer | July 21, 2010 9:08 am

It’s terrifying to think that we’re weeks away from the fall semester, but so it seems. I will once more be teaching an upper-level seminar at Yale called “Writing About Science and the Environment.” Last year’s class was a wonderful experience, and I’m hoping to apply some of the lessons I learned about teaching to this fall’s edition.

I’ve just uploaded my new and improved syllabus to the Yale web site.  So if you are at Yale (undergraduate or graduate), check it out at the university course information page (search for EVST 215) and please consider applying.

And if you’re not interested, please pass on this information to anyone you think might be.

And finally, if anyone has any questions about the class, don’t hesitate to email me.


Comments (7)

  1. Hi Carl,
    Any chance your course will end up on iTunes U?

    [CZ: I’m afraid not. Only lectures at Yale are eligible for iTunification.]

  2. Marlene Zuk

    This sounds fabulous! I think a lot of students are interested in this kind of science writing. I’ve also been wondering about writing something or doing some kind of activity for other scientists interested in writing for a general audience, kind of a “So, you want to write for the public”. Many of my colleagues have misconceptions or are generally unaware about what it’s like. What do you think?

    So enjoy. And say hi to Patty Brennan for me — we’re getting started on a paper about sexual conflict!


  3. So enjoy. And say hi to Patty Brennan for me — we’re getting started on a paper about sexual conflict!

    This cannot come out quickly enough.

    Also Carl, Marlene Zuk comments on your blog. I’m getting a bad case of nerd envy.

  4. Marlene Zuk

    “Also Carl, Marlene Zuk comments on your blog. I’m getting a bad case of nerd envy.”

    Hold on, just which one of us is the nerd here? I am flattered. I guess.

    In any case, I’ve known and admired Carl for years and years. Along with Deborah Blum he’s one of my favorite “real” science writers (as opposed to people like me who are scientists also writing for the public).


  5. gaddeswarup

    It seems that one has to log in to see the syllabus. I wonder whether the syllabus and some summary can be made available here. At nearly 70, I am probably too old to develop in to a science writer but I am sure that it will be useful to many developing science bloggers in countries like India.

  6. This course would be a great addition to iTunes U or OpenCourseWare.

    I agree with Marlene, we could definitely use a “Science Writing for Scientists” course. Being more the quantitative type myself, I’m still somewhat mystified by the writing process in general. I spoke with a geophysicist the other day about a science writing course that he teaches. He said he could only get approval for a one-hour-a-week seminar because the department didn’t think the students needed it. Yale is lucky to have you.

  7. Yes, iTunes U or OCW!


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