Science Tattoo Emporium–The Book!

By Carl Zimmer | August 6, 2010 9:18 am

It was three years ago to the day that I wondered out loud whether scientists wore tattoos of their science. The result was a resounding yes, and that yes turned into the Science Tattoo Emporium. And today, I’m pleased to announce, the emporium is going to turn into a book.

The book, tentatively entitled Science Ink, will be published next year by Sterling. The images will be accompanied by some of my own reflections on the tattoos, in which I will unpack the inside jokes and strange histories of the science behind the pictures.

The ultimate purpose of the book, like the Emporium, will be to illustrate the passion that science can inspire. To that end, I also plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to DonorsChoose, a great organization that funds science projects in the classroom.

If you have a tattoo that you’d like me to consider for inclusion for the book, please get in touch. I’ll send you the paperwork and instructions for submission of a book-ready image. I will also be getting directly in touch with people whose tattoos I have already posted here and which I’d like to include in Science Ink. We will need the image and the paperwork back byOctober 1, 2010. October 15, 2010.

(P.S.: And for those of you who hate tattoos, no matter how scientifically inspired, stay tuned. I’ll have news of a tattoo-free book in the not-too-distant future.)


Comments (11)

  1. By a weird and wonderful coincidence, I just blogged about tattoos and the news that there is a company developing modifiable tattoos based on LEDs and silk technology. This could be really valuable for those who wish to change the name of loved ones, sports teams, and even scientific revolutions that require new models that they have had permanently inked onto their bodies.

  2. TC

    Do you have one with the Arecibo Message yet? I swore I would never get one, but if I did, it’d be the Arecibo Message, preferably in ultraviolet ink.

  3. minusRusty

    Two books in the works?

    You’re and evil, evil man, Carl. EVIL!


  4. Argh just saw this call for submissions!

  5. SM

    Not sure if you have this one… The Blingdom of God: Mandelbrot set fractal tattoo


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