Science blog networks now officially kudzu-esque

By Carl Zimmer | September 15, 2010 12:54 pm

kudzu600This is one of those meta stories that just won’t quit. Over the summer, lost a bunch of bloggers thanks to a certain bubbly beverage. A lot of the bloggers moved off to set up their own blogs elsewhere, which I tried to track in this post.

But then the bloggers began to coalesce. Order formed spontaneously from the chaos.

We saw some of them launch Scientopia

A couple settled down over at BigThink

The Guardian pinched a few for the new Guardian Science Blogs

Then the Public Library of Science started up a network too: PLoS blogs

Yesterday Wired pulled back their own curtain.

And now Scientific American has taken on the Thomas Paine of science blog networks, Bora!, who will help build up their own growing network of accomplished writers.

What’s particularly pleasing is that these networks are full of talented writers, and they clearly are getting great support–excellent layouts, bells, whistles, etc.

I would like to think these are all good signs that people out there are in fact hungry for science, and that an army of talented writers are going to enjoy unprecedented opportunities to meet that demand. But I’m something of a skeptic in all things, so let’s regroup in a year to see how everyone’s faring. For now–time to update the blogroll. Arg!

[Kudzu photo from Softcore Studios/Flickr]


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