Portraits of the Mind: The Loom's First Photoessay!

By Carl Zimmer | October 26, 2010 5:29 pm

A few months ago a neuroscientist named Carl Schoonover sent me the galleys of a coffee table book made for my kind of coffee table. It’s a visual history of the brain, using images to tell the story of neuroscience from its earliest roots to today’s awesome brain scans and micrographs. The book, called Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century is just out. So rather than just blurb and run, I thought I’d share a peek into it with you.


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  1. Great! Wonderful. I recognize a few of those images, and the others are welcome additions to my visual memory. I will be buying that book.

  2. Olga Altstatt

    You are doing GREAT JOB along with the NEUROSCIENTIST. Find AMYGDALA in the lower part of the BRAIN. Look closely. This little thing is self=activated,powerful part of the BRAIN that creates all the terrible things that HUMANS can do. Ask your friend HOW and WHY?
    ESTRAGOMUS-my character from RECONFIGURATION whose AMYGDALA isn’t capable to commit CRIMES.

  3. askew

    Are any of these available as prints? Just the other day I was Googling “Ramon y Cajal posters” and found nothing. Niche taste, I know :)

  4. outeast

    At least one person’s Xmas present sorted there – nice:)

  5. kathy hammond

    great stuff!! would love to know how they drew amygdala in medieval times…

  6. Olga Altstatt

    It’s very important to have general idea about the BRAIN FUNCTION. Humanity did a lot of bad things collectively. If we start realizing what BRAIN means, we wouldn’t do dangerous those things for ourselves and others! BRAIN and COSMOS are created for us to be curious about many useful things and be closer to the COSMOS, using the brain that was created for s this particular CREATION by some forces. ( WE call GOD or CREATOR.) The BRAIN is the crown of the CREATION.


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