The Tangled Bank: One of Choice Magazine's Outstanding Academic Titles of 2010

By Carl Zimmer | January 3, 2011 9:00 am

choice awardHurrah! Choice, the leading magazine for academic book reviews, has named The Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evolution one of the outstanding academic titles of 2010. Here’s a line from the announcement: “These outstanding works have been selected for their excellence in scholarship and presentation, the significance of their contribution to the field, and their value as important–often the first–treatment of their subject.”


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  1. RBH

    Hurrah, indeed! The Tangled Bank has become my first recommendation to lay people wanting to learn more about evolution.

  2. Origami

    I am wondering if there will be Kindle Edition available in Europe?

    [CZ: No plans right now. Kindle can’t handle all the color graphics in the book.]

  3. Congrats! I noticed that the Ann Arbor Public Library is carrying a copy. I had sent them a couple of e-mails recommending it, even referencing the link you posted awhile back to the magazine review that was targeted at libraries. Hopefully, it’ll get in the hands of interested laypeople.

  4. Daniel J. Andrews

    Congratulations. I enjoyed my copy so much I bought my sister a copy too. My only “complaint” about the book is that it just whets my appetite…it would be much better if it was several thousand pages long instead. 😉

  5. minusRusty

    A well-deserved honor, Carl!



  6. Great! I have read my autographed copy and, like others, recommend it highly, especially to those who know little about evolution. An enjoyable read for anyone.

  7. Greg Peterson

    Congatulations, Carl. I noticed in finishing the new “Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth” graphic book that in the resources listed, The Loom was one of only four websites recommended. I thought that was quite an honor as well.


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