Darwin Day: See you in Stony Brook!

By Carl Zimmer | February 3, 2011 9:00 am

Darwin turns 102 202 next weekend, and I’ll be celebrating by giving the Provost’s Lecture at Stony Brook University out on Long Island on Friday, February 11. It’s a fitting place to do so, seeing as it’s where so many evolutionary biologists are based–not to mention the fact that it was where the great George Williams worked until passing away last year. In my lecture I’ll be talking about the ways Williams transformed Darwin’s legacy in so many ways–by asking deceptively simple questions such as why we have sex and why we get sick.

Here are the details:

When: Friday, February 11, 7:30 pm

Where: Student Activities Center Auditorium, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY (pdf map of campus)

More information here.


Comments (8)

  1. Rachel

    Darwin’s 102nd birthday is next Saturday – he was born Feb 12, 1809. He and I have the same birthday! :)

  2. missing

    102 seems off by a bit…

  3. Bob

    You are off by 100 years.

  4. I think you mean Darwin turns 202 next Friday?

  5. Patti

    A perfect storm of dates: not only is Feb. 12 my birthday, I also graduated from Stony Brook! GREAT science school!

  6. arvind mishra

    Hey, what’s a century or two between friends?
    Ha…. Ha….

  7. Seston

    Professor Zimmer,

    I went to the lecture. Thank you very much! I learned some cool evolutionary biology. Very nice. Job well done!


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