Dr. Kiki's Science Hour video is up. Jackalopes, zombie ants, evolution's odometer, and more!

By Carl Zimmer | April 1, 2011 3:51 pm

Brian Malow and I talked yesterday about some of my favorite things on the latest episode of Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour–including the evolution odometer. You can watch it on Youtube, or you can head over to Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour site to download the video or audio. (The Skype goes berserk briefly, but we get back on track.)


Comments (4)

  1. George in Tulsa

    I throughly enjoyed your visit to Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour!

    Nice to “meet” and learn of you and your work through internet media.

  2. Greg

    The link doesn’t work!

    [CZ: Which one? They all work for me.]

  3. 220mya

    The ‘Evolution Odometer’ link doesn’t work. It is just listed as “http:///”

    [CZ: Ah-hah! Thanks. Fixed.]

  4. First time watching the video, I was very entertained and informed at the same time. Brian had some pretty nerdy jokes that made me laugh.


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