The Autographed Bookstore Is Open!

By Carl Zimmer | April 4, 2011 10:00 am

Each time you write a book, your publisher sends over a box of copies. Verging on ten books now, I’m getting overloaded with extras. And so, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ve set up a store on Amazon where you can find autographed, good-to-mint-condition copies of my books at reasonable prices. So please check out

[Update, Monday 4/4 5 pm: Gah! The orders started coming in, and suddenly Amazon stores seem to have gone down. I hope they’ll be back up soon. I’ll update. Update, minutes later: And we’re back.]

[Image: Photo by Valeshel – Flickr]

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Comments (5)

  1. Mike in Austin

    In for your 2001 Evolution The Triumph of an Idea. Thanks for letting us know!


  2. Monkey

    Carl – here is a thoughtful question for you (one I would pose to any author of your calibre, or quantity).

    If you were a mere non-author ambling about on the street with a sizzling interest in things sciency, what one of your books would you purchase first? I will add to the mix that you have only one “Free Book” coupon in your tattered pockets and you have time on your hands and find yourself outside a well stocked bookstore.

    I am not asking as a way to incite you to tell me which book I should buy…nothing of the sort. Just a curiosity I have with authors…usually their favorite is not the best seller or the most famous, it seems.

  3. Hmm…interesting question. The Tangled Bank probably has the most information packed into it. But if you don’t want a textbook, Soul Made Flesh has the most history of my books. If you want to get a taste of my work–so that perhaps later you’ll buy more books, I hope!–Parasite Rex might be up your alley. I know I’m not answering your question precisely, but books are a lot like kids–you love them all.

  4. Monkey

    I love them all, too. But my bank only loves giving me so much money :)

    Im on my third reading of Microcosm…my wife on her first…so its time for a new Zimmer title in our household. To the bookstore…

  5. Monkey

    PS – Re: books are a lot like kids–you love them all.

    Hmm, im a teacher. Somedays I may disagree with you on this one!

    …I know, I know… you meant your *own* kids :)


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