Celebrating a decade under the influence of parasites: My talk tomorrow (4/15) at SUNY Plattsburgh

By Carl Zimmer | April 14, 2011 11:59 am

I’ll be speaking tomorrow at SUNY Plattsburgh on the occasion of the publication of the new edition of Parasite Rex. I’ll be talking about the many ways in which parasites have infiltrated my mind since the book first came out a decade ago. I hope some Loominaries will be able to attend, and be infiltrated as well.

Where: SUNY Plattburgh, Plattsburgh NY. Room 206, Yokum Hall. (Directions and campus map)

When: Friday, April 15, 12:15 pm.

More details here.

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  1. Kelly DiDomenick

    Thank you so much for coming to SUNY Plattsburgh yesterday! As recent graduate it made me proud that my alma mater could host a renowned scientific writer such as yourself. Your talk on Parasite Rex was thrilling, disturbing, intriguing and overall…fun! I’m looking forward to reading it and Planet of Viruses (I’m kind of a pathogenic microbiology nut) in the near future.

    On a side note I’d like to thank you for writing Evolution: Triumph of an Idea. We used that book in our evolution course and it made the assigned readings and classroom discussions just that much more enjoyable. Thanks again!


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