My Long Now lecture: Viral Time (slides and audio)

By Carl Zimmer | June 9, 2011 3:59 pm

I just got back from San Francisco, where I had the privilege to speak at the remarkable Long Now Foundation. Stewart Brand, the head of the foundation, invites people to talk to the group about topics that stretch our conception of time over long scales. So I spoke about viruses and time–how they exist at scales ranging from minutes to eons. The Long Now folks have just posted the audio, which I’ve embedded below. I’ve also embedded the slides for my talk, too.

If I can win the battle against an army of deadlines this week, I’ll try to write out the entire talk as I did with “The Human Lake.” But I’ve learned not to make hard promises.



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  1. Stephen Boisvert

    Hi Carl,

    Why not get Mechanical Turks to transcribe your talk? That way you can spend your time writing more new stuff…


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