We purge, you save: Autographed US first hardback edition of Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea

By Carl Zimmer | June 10, 2011 9:07 am

In the continuing quest to avoid packing boxes before our house gets ripped open for renovations this summer, allow me to offer you–for one week only!–another sale. I’ve got 33 autographed copies of the first US hardback edition of Evolution: The Triumph of An Idea, which are available for $20. (The cover price is $40, and this particular edition has been out of print for some time now.)

This book was a companion to a series that aired in 2001 on PBS. But it’s not a nonfiction novelization of the show. In fact, the show hadn’t even been shot when I started working on the book a year earlier. Instead, I wrote a stand-alone introduction to the history of evolutionary biology and to its many avenues, from sex to mass extinctions to the rise of our species. The publishers packed the large-format book with photographs and color artwork. “Zimmer writes in a gloriously clear and lively style,” wrote a reviewer for Scientific American. “His coverage is as thorough as it is graceful. This is as fine a book as one will find on the subject.”

If this sale is like the previous ones, the books are going to move fast, so I apologize in advance to any disappointed shoppers. But remember: you can still find other autographed books in my Amazon store.

Update, 6 pm: All gone! Thanks again. I’ll start another sale on Monday. (I got some cries of woe from people abroad who can’t get Amazon to ship to them. So I may start the sale with a non-US pre-sale…)


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