This shelf is for you: American paperback edition of Evolution, and UK hardback edition

By Carl Zimmer | June 13, 2011 11:18 am

Thanks to all the Loominaries who have taken extra copies of my books off my hands–or, to be more specific, off my shelves. On Friday, I offered autographed copies of the US hardback edition of Evolution: The Triumph of An Idea, and you cleaned me out in a few hours. Here is a picture of what I’ve got to offer today: two other editions of Evolution. If you’d like one of these books autographed and shipped to you, go to my Amazon store and order a copy.

To the left are 11 copies of the original paperback edition of Evolution. They have the same lavish color illustrations inside as in the original hardback edition. (They’re not in print anymore; the paperback edition you’ll find in stores now contains straight text–an unfortunate matter of publishing economics.) This week, I’ll be offering autographed copies for $15. You can order a copy here.

To the right are 7 copies of the UK hardback edition. The only difference between them and the original US edition is that they have a cute mother-and-child iguana portrait on the front, instead of the original array of eerie eyes. For this week, you can order an autographed copy for $20 by going here.

(I had a few cries of woe from people in India and Sweden who say they can’t order books through Amazon’s pesonal stores. I pondered setting up an alternate system, but I’m just too swamped with work and preparations for vacation to make it work. My apologies.)

Update, 8 pm: Thanks for turning the picture above into the picture below! I’ve still got a couple more shelves to clear, though, so stay tuned for more sales.


Comments (7)

  1. Ushma

    Yaay, I got one of the British edition! Thanks for doing this.

  2. Duuuude. I asked for this book for my birthday this year after finding it at the library and deciding it was pretty much the most awesome intro/historical rundown of evolution ever. My dad bought me the plain-text paperback version because he didn’t realise there was a difference. Cheapskate 😛

    In other words, yoink!

  3. Tapani L.

    According to the help page of Amazon Marketplace for example Sweden, India and Finland are among supported countries. There should be no restrictions for selling books internationally to supported countries that I see. Did you try enabling international shipping? It should say “International shipping available” in the listing details when it’s working, not sure how it goes on the seller side of things.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. It won’t let me buy it! I guess Australia is out of the zone too?

  5. minusRusty

    For this week, you can order an autographed copy [of the British edition] for $20 by going here.

    I dunno, Carl… it only charged me $15 + shipping.


    [CZ: My mistake is your savings. I’ve fixed the price on Amazon now.]

  6. minusRusty

    [CZ: My mistake is your savings. I’ve fixed the price on Amazon now.]

    My apologies to those who didn’t receive the special special discount! :-O



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