Science Ink: Spreading the Word

By Carl Zimmer | June 15, 2011 1:22 am

Here’s the final version of the cover of Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed. It now includes Mary Roach, who kindly provided a lovely foreword for the book.

Science Ink will be hitting book stores on November 1. Here are a couple blurbs…

“How apt: the most enduring ideas in science translated into that most enduring personal art—the tattoo. Science Ink marries mind and body, and Zimmer reveals the beauty that motivates so many scientists.”–Sam Kean, author of The Disappearing Spoon

“After spending long hours at the computer, in the lab or field, science has a way of getting under your skin. Science Ink reveals the great ideas and deep passion for science revealed in some of the most creative body art on the planet today. This is a book to revel on the best ideas and discoveries in science and of the passion scientists have for their life’s work.”–Neil Shubin, University of Chicago, author of Your Inner Fish

“Here is to be found the evidence that scores of intelligent and intellectually perceptive young people recognise that equations, symbols and structures are the key constituents of the elegant language through which the Universe reveals its deeply buried and wondrous secrets. It is a great pleasure to see this compendium of truly moving personal statements about the sciences, collected in this superb book.”–Sir Harry Kroto, winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

I’m giving lots of thought about how to spread the word about the book this fall. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch. It’s a bit off the grid, so creativity is called for. Can you think of a venue where you live where there’d be an enthusiastic audience for a talk about the passion of scientists translated into ink? Is there a magazine, blog, or other publication that should know about Science Ink? Let me know!

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  1. Marilynne Jackson

    I have made stencils for science inspired walls in children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. I did this only for my own kids but it would be great if they were available commercially. I would have liked this when my kids were young. I have also painted on jeans and denim jackets.

  2. John Nguyen

    I don’t wear my science on my sleeve (or skin, in this case). Tattooing scientific symbols or formulas on your body does not make you a scientist or a supporter of science. It’s just a fad.

  3. Mark

    Why not schedule your book tour to include both professional conferences and tattoo conventions?

  4. I think you should tattoo the cover on yourself. We could pitch that story anywhere.

  5. Can you add a “like” button to the comments? I’d like to Like Ed’s comment.

  6. Lily Anderson

    Alex, just have a like button tattooed on you. You could open for the science tat tour and validate yourself & others at all times.

  7. I agree with Mark that tattoo conventions/magazines would be a great venue for new people

  8. Kate

    You should get in touch with the California Academy of Sciences – on Thursdays they have nightlife at the museum, and I bet they’d be pro-science-tattoo.

  9. …you could be on Ask Science Dude. I haven’t done a show on tattoos yet, and I certainly have enough of my own to prove personal interest in the topic.

  10. Hannah

    Facebook is a excellent medium for getting the word out about obscure publications.

  11. Thom

    There are many “art & science” programs at museums, universities in print (eg Sciuence magazine). You should try to sell in these venues

  12. James

    I picked up my copy today and although a little disappointed to find my tattoo not actually in the book, but on the cover pages, I am quite impressed. It turned out a lot better than I had expected.

    As far as venues to promote the book I would suggest scientific meetings, symposia, etc. but you could also look at Maker Faires (, the Make Magazine and blog,, and other gatherings of the general “nerd” crowd. I think the book would appeal to more than just scientists and tattoo artists.


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