Fourth-of-July Secrets-in-the-Attic Book Sale!

By Carl Zimmer | July 4, 2011 12:53 pm

Having just returned from a ten-day family reunion road trip, I discovered a surprise in our attic: several extra boxes of my first book, At the Water’s Edge. You may recall that I put a bunch of autographed copies of this book on sale in my Amazon store to clear them out in advance of my office getting ripped apart. Well, the ripping-apart is now just days away, and now I have eighty more copies to get out of this house. (This photo shows just a selection.)

So–help! For the next week, you can get an autographed copy for six bucks. Order it here.

“What?” you say. “Someone get this man to a hospital. The tail pipe of his station wagon must have been inserted directly into his nostrils for his entire road trip, robbing him of all common sense!” Well, my carbon monoxide poisoning is your good fortune–get your copy now. The sledgehammers are breaking through very soon.

If you haven’t heard about the book, it’s about how major transitions in evolution take place–and how scientists reconstruct them. Publishers Weekly called it “an entertaining history of ideas written with literary flair and technical rigor.”  More details are here. Check it out, then clear me out. Thanks!


Comments (7)

  1. Ah, I’d love to help you out, but it seems I cannot as I’m European. Ah well. :)

  2. Wilson

    I’m in the same boat as Josephine (well, a similar one; mine’s a Canadian boat :) ). I thought I saw a post about this issue before, but I can’t find it now. Were you able to solve the issue?

  3. Tamsin

    I can’t get it either (from New Zealand). :(

  4. Lauren

    I just tried to purchase, but, alas, I am also in Canada.

    [CZ: Sorry. I’ve looked into this, and right now there’s no straightforward way to deal with it. Maybe Amazon will widen their horizons in the future.]

  5. Austin

    Just bought mine!

  6. Aurora

    I’m in that accursed boat too… maybe we should all row it over to the USA? :s

  7. I wish I could but I´m in the Brazilian boat. =(


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