Google+ invitations: Click here for one

By Carl Zimmer | August 8, 2011 8:41 am

I learned that Google has retooled its invitation system for Google+. Instead of manually adding names into a message field, I can just drop a link into this post and offer 150 invitations. So if you want to dabble in this new experiment in social media and enforced non-pseudonymity, please click here.


Comments (5)

  1. Steven Ashley
  2. Magicthighs

    You don’t need an invitation anymore to join google plus, all you need to do is visit and sign in with your google account.

  3. Chris Winter

    Just now they say they’ve temporarily exceeded their capacity. You can leave your e-mail address to be notified “when the doors are open for real.”

  4. Steve

    Damn. Missed again.

  5. Daniel J. Andrews

    It is easy to have a pseudonym on Googleplus. I know of three people who’ve had a google email account for years that is used strictly for giving an email address to various sponsors, promoters, contests etc. They don’t worry about junk mail making it hard to find messages from friends. When Googleplus came out, they simply signed in with their Google email and were accepted because their emails names weren’t obvious pseudonyms, and presumably because their email address had been around for a while.


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