Scientific American interviews me about evolution in the city (and more to come)

By Carl Zimmer | August 25, 2011 11:45 am

Steve Mirsky, host of the excellent Science Talk, a podcast at Scientific American, talked to me the other day about all sorts of things. Part one of our talk is now online. We talk about my recent story about evolution in New York City. (Scientific American has a special issue dedicated to cities this month.) Listen to the podcast here.

Steve will be posting the second part of the talk soon.


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  1. Jim Mauch

    Fantastically interesting! I have wanted to help in the creation of festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the city locals would have a event starting at our festival park were they could walk through our city with scientists ( and science writers) to learn how biodiversity can be found even in our own backyards. If feasible we could also have some groups doing a specie count–an urban BioBlitz. The project would be a hugely effective way to educate the public and it would be good positive press for the city, the scientists and biodiversity. In addition this would be a great way for a sponsor to attach its name to a project that will bring important benefits to the community.


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