Viruses: Tonight on This Week in Science

By Carl Zimmer | March 1, 2012 5:06 pm

Tonight I’m going to be on the show This Week In Science to talk about A Planet of Viruses and chat about all the many viruses in the news these days. Too many!

I’ll be Skyping in at about 8:10 PT/11:10 ET and chatting with host Kiki Sanford for about half an hour. You can watch the livestream here.

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  1. john naddaf

    just wanted to share with you some comments i made,regarding recent articles on higgs,lhc,,,on Of particular significance…sorry no related to cancer,,but then again relative…
    im posting two replies re time singularity,and negative mass particles…my comments were unprepared(drafts).just typed as i thought…i would appreciate any feedback,and input,or advice regarding the subject..i hope i was able to explain adequately,these are simplified,summarised versions,and im happy to expand on anything,so feel free to contact me with any questions,or corrections,etc…
    hope you enjoy
    what if we were to look at the higgs as a time particle…a singulaity,passing and measuring space therefore creating the measured field(higgs),that gives particles a defined state.the decay a result of a time singty evaporating with particles within its field,leaving behind a negative mass particle,that draws in mass from like a vacum,as it measures and allows particles a defined state to exist,and bonding that state,by barricading it within one singularity of time,unable to escape the singularity,the particle develops polarity,as energy opposes itself inside the singularity as the singularity contracts and condenses matter within it…if we look at the singularity of time as all of time,then passing time would continue to inflate that singularity…i say singularity for lack of a better word,,but the singularity of time is never one,,a complete singularity is zero…as time is a sigularity of duality(if is was will,and is will was,then time is of dual polarity,and will always end at zero,,,but that would be the end of time,and till then time is always 0-x measurement,,,therefore higgs would be of 0-mass,,,as when time passes matter remains as the opposite reaction,of 0+,,to thge action of 0- of time…
    love to hear any thoughts on this,,,i realise theres many more questions before its has any merrit,but i could also go much further into it…it could be expanded to account much of the current data,,and the 60 nanosecond shift(though not completely there yet,its looking more and more promising…
    giving the higgs negative mass,creates the voids(vacuums) in the in the higgs field that creates the weak force,that decays particles with positive mass as they are drawn into the higgs vacuum(particle not field)…decaying from beyond the higgs field the positive mass created inside the higgs,opposes the negative mass of the higgs…however this does not mean the field would equal zero…if we were to assume the higgs is a time particle,,then as a singularity its eveaporates before it can be complete,,,a singularity of duality has a totality of absolute 0…as higgs its negative,through decay its positive,,,but the negative measures the positive,and the negative becomes a positive measurement and the positive becomes negative time…negative time plus positive mass equals negative mass,,,since we can only observe at the speed of light,we can only observe in negative time,to observe positive higgs mass,we must observe it in the future,before it is measured by higgs(time)…and as shroedingers cat would tell us before a particle is measured,it exists in every possible state(dead,alive,etc…)and in order to exist in every state,means it never exists as any one state,,a 0 in every state,and a single state of 0+time therefore the higss here would have positive mass,,,but only because time has not passed yet,,,once time passes the particle is measured and exists as a mass of 0+x,less the time particle of 0-x,,,which would assume the field would equal zero,,,but not neccessarily,as time is always preceeded by time observing higgs in the past(after its measured)means we are observing the 0+xmass particle,at 0-(x+x) of time…therefore is negative mass…when we observe particles as positive mass,we are observing them seperate from time,,if time was to be included in the calculation,,wed always get a negative mass result,,it makes sense too if you think about it,,,at the end of time all of time had passed,its no longer present,and the negative mass of that time always preceeded by another negative mass,,and totality of present is positive mass 0+x,less the negative mass of 0-(x+x)
    would love any feedback on this,,,my work has mainly been on time,and the singularity of space,,,i can go into much more detail re,,time,duality,also able to demosntrate time as an infinity preceeding itself,can only end,but never begin,,as any beginning would be an event,and time preceeds any event,,which is the opposite of space that has a beginning,but no end,as space is always followed by space…
    please feel free to contact me re this or any other comments ive made…
    thank you for your time,hope you dont mind me improvising in order to be heard,,,


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