Walking leaves: The cover of Evolution: Making Sense of Life

By Carl Zimmer | March 10, 2012 3:38 pm

I’m delighted to be able to share the handsome cover of my next book. For the past couple years, I’ve joined forces with University of Montana biologist Douglas Emlen to write a textbook about evolution for biology majors. We built the book with some elements from my 2009 textbook for nonmajors, The Tangled Bank, along with much more math, additional concepts, detailed explorations of recent and classic studies on evolution, and study questions.

The book is slated to be published on August 15, 2012, in time for fall classes (here’s the book page on the publisher’s site). We’re still ripping through the final proofs, but as soon as the cover was officially approved, I had to share it. The insects are walking leaves, which are not only beautiful, but a marvelous example of evolution at work.

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  1. Is there an eBook version of either The Tangled Bank or Evolution: Making Sense of Life?

    [CZ: After the print edition of Evolution comes out, we’ll be rolling out chapters of an ebook. Details to come!]

  2. That’s a wonderful choice of animal for the cover. I approve.

  3. Beautiful. If Tangled Bank is any indicator, this will be an amazing textbook.

    This will be in competition with Jonathan Eisen’s multi-authored textbook, which is pretty incredible, too. Great for grad level work!

    I’m doing voiceovers for animations for yet another upcoming college evolution textbook. It just goes to show there’s plenty of evolution to be taught out there!

  4. David B. Benson

    Marvelous cover, Carl.

  5. Gerdien de Jong

    $115, $92 SPECIAL PRICE!
    Unaffordable, I’m afraid.

  6. Fantastic cover, and I’m sure the insides live up to it. I want to commend you and Douglas Emlen for deciding to write together. I think one possible way forward for communicating science information and concepts more effectively is to have more scientists and writers working together on book-scale projects like this. As I found out while writing “Spider Silk” with Catherine L. Craig, we each imposed a new kind of discipline on the other that we both feel benefitted us (and our readers). You hardly need help with science writing, Carl, so I’d love to read a blog post about how you think you and Douglas Emlen and the book benefitted from this partnership and how the book is different from the book either of you would have written solo.

  7. Daniel J. Andrews
  8. mo

    Will there be signed copies? :-)

  9. Wonderful, I just preordered the book. I really loved “Tangled bank” and this is one of my favorite books on evolution after having read many German and English books about Evolution.

    I am currently reading the wonderful book by Carl T. Bergstrom and Lee Alan Dugatkin on Evolution and your new book will be next.

    Any plans to write a similar book about Ecology? There are some good books out there about Ecology but there is room for more.



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