A Hot Planet and a Twisted Gut: Catching Up With Download the Universe

By Carl Zimmer | July 27, 2012 12:15 pm

Over at Download the Universe, we’re continuing to explore the growing world of science ebooks. Here’s the latest batch of reviews:

Going to Extremes: An Ebook About the Climate Forest and the Weather Trees Dan Fagin writes about what our weird weather these days can tell us about our warming future.

An overstuffed colon and a perfectly sized Kindle Single Seth Mnookin on Andy Borowitz’s very funny take on a horrendous bowel disorder. (Really!)

eBooks and the democratization of crackpottery John Timmer muses on the digital future of self-published pseudoscience.

Rudy Rucker Resurrects a Lost Classic of Psychedelia Steve Silberman writes an impassioned review about a forgotten tale of mind-altering drugs, now rescued from obscurity as an ebook.

Telegraphing What Technology Wants John Hawks takes a look at a digital retooling of a science book and wonders if ebooks will become the new Cliff Notes.

A Journey to the Island of Tree Kangaroos Matthew Power enjoys a good old-fashioned tale of jungles, exploration, and weird marsupials.

Can the wonders of the universe fit on an iPad? Jennifer Ouellette  Jaime Green reviews an app by physicist-celebrity Brian Cox.

The Frankenstein Universe: How The New York Public Library Blew Up the Ebook I review an enormous virtual museum exhibit about biotechnology’s founding allegory.

Wonders of Geology: Getting High On Mountains Veronique Greenwood enjoys what might once have been called a coffee-table book about our planet’s stunning surface.

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    i have an interesting quastion: what if someone will made a car that made of dna and can be self replicat? is this a evidence for natural procces? so or so , great post.


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