Neuroskeptic: The Video Game

By Neuroskeptic | December 26, 2011 9:16 am

As a Christmas present, here’s something I’ve been working on over the holidays – Neurubiks.

It’s a free puzzle game. The brain is broken. Can you can restore neuro-harmony?

Download it here.


  • A bit like a Rubik’s cube, but less annoying. 
  • Millions of possible puzzles.
  • Easy to learn – just click on the blobs.
  • Neuroanatomically accurate.
  • Perfect for killing time while running fMRI analyses.


If you like it, hate it, find bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

If I knew Flash, I would have programmed this in Flash. If any Flash developers like Neurubiks and are interesting in helping develop it please do get in touch.

Apologies to the color-blind. The game is all about colours I’m afraid. Let me know if you have any ideas for making it more color-blind-friendly.

  • Ivana Fulli MD

    Congratulations for a learning game and for thinking about the numerous color blind persons.

    Why is it not possible to have a red line looking like a red pearls necklace, a green one being a succession of green squares, a blue one a succession of lozenges, etc and intersections like in those subway maps where they place one dot beside the other to signify that two different lines deserve one station ?

    I know it is less pleasant for the non colorblind, so two versions of your game, one in color and one with necklace?

    Actually, I know of persons having a very hard time with power point presentations.

    And both for reading other people curves when several parallel curves look the same color

    and for preparing theirs because they spend more time and get mocked for their choice of colors.

  • omg

    Yeh thanks. Sony watch out.

  • Chris

    Awesome idea. I've been thinking about games like this for phones based on touch screens, but I'm not a developer. but it seems like this is the perfect “thinking-man's Angry Birds”

  • Eric Charles

    Great game!

    On my computer you need to click a bit below the circles to change their colors, at least on the first few screens, but I got used to it pretty quick. Then, for some reason, on “Level 2 – II (Sagittal)” started working correctly.

  • Anonymous

    Cool idea.


    might have been more intuitive though.

  • Anonymous

    Not good for ye olde netbook. I can't find a way to resize the window, so it chops off the bottom of the image–meaning I can't escape Level One Axial!

  • Neuroskeptic

    Ivana: That's a good idea for a color-blind alternative, thanks.

    Eric: hmmm… that never happened during testing. Anyone else experienced that bug?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the game, appreciate this site and the time and work you put into it. All the best to you and all for an excellent 2012!

  • Willibrord

    It won't play on my Mac! :-(
    (unless I'm just too tech-unsavvy to make it do so …)



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