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By Neuroskeptic | February 9, 2013 9:30 am

Over the next few days, Neuroskeptic will be moving to Discover Magazine. Which is very exciting.

This will mean no new posts for at least a week, while we sort out the technical issues of the transition, and I’ve also turned comments off – all existing comments will be moved over to the new blog, however.

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See you on the other side soon!

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  • Neurobonkers

    Congratulations on the move, very well deserved!

  • DS

    Is this thing on?

  • Sandeep Gautam

    congrats ! looking forward to same level of healthy skepticism.

  • Neuroskeptic

    Hello! Looks like this is working…

  • Douglas Duncan

    Hey Neuro,

    Douglas L. Duncan, from Royston, Georgia here.

    I’m a retired ‘graphics’ Printing Industry professional.

    I read Your story on the Discover Magazine site, regarding Lenin’s Stoney Brain, and liked it.

    However, I noticed the ‘Graphic’ wouldn’t have passed my desk, back when I was still working, so I knocked out a similar one, just to show You what this ‘Old Codger’ can still do.

    It’s posted in ‘The Philosophy Den’ group on Facebook, with a link back to Your article.

    If Ya ever want me to render a few headers for Ya… I work for ‘cigarettes’ (one carton of Pall Mall menthol per job).

    Sound pretty good to Ya? LOL

    Oh by the way… Your more than welcome to join the Philosophy Den, if You use Facebook. Just email me, and I’ll add You to the group. It’s right up Your alley.

    Take Care,



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