Neuroskeptic Has Arrived!

By Neuroskeptic | February 14, 2013 11:40 am

So, here we are! After four years, Neuroskeptic is no longer an indie blog. I’m very excited to be here at Discover.

However, my intention is that not much will change in terms of the content. It will be as good, and as bad, as ever.

I want to be as transparent as possible though so here’s the deal: I am now being paid to write this blog. I get a fixed sum per month and I have to bring in a certain number of pageviews per month in order to meet the terms of the contract. Then I get a bonus based on all pageviews over that minimum.

I really don’t want this to affect the blog in any way. The old blog was getting more hits than the baseline, so I don’t need to change anything to stay in business. Of course, I do have a cash incentive to get more hits. But my motivation for blogging has always been an old-fashioned combination of passion, ambition, and a neurotic desire for acclaim, so I’ve always wanted more hits.

Still, we all know money is the root of all evil, so it pays to be vigilant. If you think I’m degenerating into linkbait, or other such nonsense, please let me know. I don’t plan to.

A few other points:

  • The old blog is still there, but please don’t use it (and especially don’t link to it). All of the old posts have been moved over here.
  • There are sure to be some bugs on the new setup so if you spot any please let me know e.g in a comment. I’m already aware about the lack of an RSS feed, there will be one soon.


  • petrossa

    You will be strictly monitored for any signs of sell-outness

  • Bob Whiteside

    If you figure out how to put up a “Recent Comments” thingamajig, be sure to tell Razib about it.

  • Robert Ford

    Welcome! It’s awesome to have you here. Now get to crackin’ skulls;)

  • Katrina

    Haven’t been reading too long but I’ve really like reading your blog. Excited to see you at Discover, one of my favourite science news outlets!

  • Jordan Raymond

    RSS feed seems to work for me. You should post something on your old blog : I got here by searching your twitter feed!

  • RogerSweeny

    The King James bible says (1 Timothy 6:10), “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” More faithful to the original Greek, if less poetic, the New International Version says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”

    1) Money, like all technologies can be used for good or ill. It is an inordinate love of money that causes problems.

    2) Evil has a lot of other causes. As somebody once pointed out, Adolf Hitler wasn’t trying to get rich; he was trying to perfect the human species.

  • Phull Kname

    Please stay skeptical, and continue to be more or less transparent about your own biases. For me this is what has made your blog stand out as a source. Also, my humble list for future topics of discussion/debunking and relevant studies: The possible link/correlation between TBI and BPD, etiology of types of late onset epilepsy following breach of blood-brain barrier, the forgotten (pre big-pharma) art of siezure control through shifting neural metabolism from glucose to glycogen through ketogenic diet, “feed forward” in computational neural models and discoveries in axon-axon or axon-glial communication.

  • sedeer

    Congrats on the new blog and the extra income!

  • igno


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